Anki’s COZMO: A Robot that can show Emotions

Anki known for their famous “OVERDRIVE” is back with their new product called “Cozmo” a robotic toy that can talk, feel and express.


The main attraction of Cozmo is it’s eyes, A LED screen with a display resolution of 128*64 through which it shows various expressions and feelings.

Thanks to its intelligent sensors and processing unit, Cozmo can understand it’s environment and react to changes, obstacles and much more.

With the help of it’s 4 motors and 2 electronically controlled arms, Cozmo can Move, turn, lift and play. Using this Cozmo can be programmed to play various games including the favourite quick tap etc.,


Cozmo also features a 30 fps VGA camera in the front, which recognise pre-registered faces and say their name when ever they are near.

Cozmo is entirely controlled through WiFi by its companion app, which helps to program, set different voices, change moods and much more. Cozmo also relased a SDK through which developers can contribute.


Cozmo may not be a something that every kid would look for, but for those below 10 with its cute eyes and crazy voice this is their anime character on real world. So they will enjoy a lot.
The Cozmo is priced at $179.99, it’s a bit high but for kids it’s a great way to enter into the world of gadgets and robotics.

13 thoughts on “Anki’s COZMO: A Robot that can show Emotions

    1. That’s the exact truth. The world is getting smarter every day, which forces the younger generation to make themselves fit in it. That brings life to these things. I wonder how the toys would be after 2 or 3 generations.


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